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About Heirloom Hemp Co.

Our founder was issued the first Industrial Hemp production license from the state of Maine in 2016. Since then we have farmed our land, growing and breeding cannabinoid rich hemp cultivars.

We believe whole plant and full spectrum products are the best way a person can experience their benefits. The natural environments of sun-grown hemp allows for vigorous growth, a wide range of cannabinoids and a diverse terpene profile. Heirloom’s genetics were bred in house and open pollinated outside every year to increase biodiversity and broad genetic traits, ensuring a full spectrum and naturally high cannabinoid profile.

We’ve taken a look back at older farming systems and incorporated heirloom practices as we cultivate our past. Each generation of our seeds is hand collected with care as they acclimate to the tough Maine climate. Our mother was chosen for her pungent terpene profile, while our pollen donor was chosen because of his intense vegetative vigor coupled with strong, self-supporting branches in the field.

We are excited to be a part of this industry, but feel that being involved is not just about cultivating the future of hemp, but maybe even more importantly, it's to help cultivate our past...

Full-Spectrum Hemp

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